Saturday, July 24, 2010

Modern stamps depicting Hitler on auction


I've just noticed a modern personalized stamps depicting Adolf Hitler, printed by official Estonian Postmark printing house, are being offered on auction. There are two stamps with Hitler's image, on one he's toddler and on other he is in schoolboy years. I'm sure most of you have seen such photos so you can imagine.

Obviously just like with the Rudolf Hess (Hitler's deputy until parachuting away) stamp in Germany those who ordered this set managed to slip past notice of printers. It's also said same kind of individuals were behind ordering it here (like-minded souls).

I'm not sure if it's Ok or even neccessary to post auction link here, it's a local auction anyway.
Seller claims only 180 were printed (of both or total as a set of 2? no idea).

Newspaper ran an article on this last year. Estonian Post commented that they do not bear any responsibility on what's on personalized stamps.
Rate for stamps is 5.50 in Estonian currency krooni, rate for inland regular letter and 4.40, older rate.

What's your take on that? A possible modern rarity or something else?


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  1. Unsold at this time, I guess it was either wrong time or wrong place!